John Shaver

Full-Stack Engineer and Devops Enthusiast



Technical Co-founder

ppl :) Remote (Provo, UT)
  • Building a home server to replace the ever expanding list of "cloud" services relied upon by today's family.
  • Developing authentication protocols and network stack to support secure collection, access and sharing.

Owner/Full-Stack Engineer

J&E Solutions Hayden, ID
  • Design, implement and ship web based software to fit customer needs.
  • This included: rest APIs, modern SPA interfaces, automating deployments and developer environments, OAuth2/OIDC authentication, implementing secure RPC calls over UDP, and much more.

Software Engineer

mCubed Labs Lehi, UT
  • Worked onsite with mCubed's largest client to increase the efficiency of their technicians.
  • Built an iOS webView app to provide camera access, geolocation and push notifications.
  • Client payed mCubed a fee to work directly with me and I started my own company.

Senior Technical Support Engineer

Symantec Lindon, UT
  • Support enterprise customers with installing and maintaining Symantec Notifications Server and for managing network endpoints.
  • Worked heavily with IIS, MSSQL, HTTP, DNS, Windows Server, etc. to troubleshoot technical issues across customer networks

Selected Projects


  • Implemented design specification in HTML/CSS and Javascript.
  • Developed the email confirmation process from working prototype to production.
  • Working to develop a cross platform electron implementation of the Telebit client interface.

Historical Records Database

Not yet public.
  • Converted the historical records database from MS Access to MySQL.
  • Built an interface for searching the records in the database and finding information.
  • User authentication to allow specified users to add/edit records to/in the database.
  • User interface for adding/editing/deleting records by authenticated users.
  • Administration interface for administrators to add/create users.

Newvistas Website Platform
  • Client wanted to allow business owners within the collective to edit their specific sections of their website.
  • Sections were public-facing and needed to be indexable by search engines.
  • Built a CMS on Server-Rendered React/Redux and express.js.
  • Deployed to AWS Elastic Beanstalk.
  • Authentication with Azure Active Directory and OAuth OIDC.